About Symphony S.O.N.G

    “Symphony S.O.N.G (Symphony Orchestra for the Next Generation) Foundation
    Conductor Shinik Hahm has built his career as a music director through leading various orchestras throughout the United States. He has also conducted orchestras with great traditions in Europe and South America, all while planning to bring his experience and talent back to his motherland, South Korea. With his experience overseas and with Korean orchestras, Shinik Hahm felt the need of a new orchestra for the next coming generation. After many years of preparation, in 2014, he founded Symphony S.O.N.G, 

    • To take a step further from the traditional management system of Korean Orchestras and have private corporation/companies become sponsor and owner at the same time.
    • To demonstrate true artistry and communicate the noble message of classical music to the audience.
    • To become a sharing orchestra that delivers hope and warmth.
    Musical Goal
    • To have talented musicians join the orchestra as a professional player (up to 5 years) and advance them into artistic leaders of the next generation.
    • To perform high quality music as a Masters Series at the country’s best music halls.
    • To become an international model of a pioneering orchestra through overseas performances.
    • In 2021 March, the Orchestra has been invited to a concert tour in Europe, the home of western music, including Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium.
    • Selected as “Outstanding Arts Organization” through the effective management of the Orchestra.
    • Received “The Best Couple Award” with NOROO Holdings at “Corporation meets Art” by Korea Mecenat Association
    • Selected as a Professional Arts Organization by Seoul city.


    • Business Field : Classical music
    • Main Projects : Classical music, orchestra, concert production, recording publication
    • Founded year : 2014
    • Artistic Director : Shinik Hahm
    • TEL : 02)549-0947
    • FAX : 02)549-0048
    • Website : http://www.symphonysong.com
    • E-mail : song@symphonysong.com