Greetings from Chairperson

    Welcome to
    SYMPHONY S.O.N.G Homepage.

    Greetings! I am Hyung-Joo Moon, the president of Symphony S.O.N.G’s
    board of directors.

    Greetings! I am Hyung-Joo Moon, the president of Symphony S.O.N.G.’s board of directors. Welcome to Symphony S.O.N.G. where innovation and creation are alive and breathing vigorously. Classical music has constantly been developing as a culture that surpasses time and space and integrates the world. Symphony S.O.N.G. presents classical music as a collaborative effort by the musicians and our citizens for the benefit of cultural enjoyment.

    On top of providing inspiration to young and promising musicians and serving as a source of creativity, Symphony S.O.N.G’s goals also include providing future-oriented and dignified music appropriate for the stage expanding into the world. Your continuous attention and love toward Symphony S.O.N.G are much appreciated, as they are the very sources that enabled Symphony S.O.N.G to establish a stepping-stone for achieving these goals in spite of much adversity.

    Symphony S.O.N.G will continuously cultivate our talents and provide professional music to you differentiated from other orchestras. Furthermore, Symphony S.O.N.G will visit every corner of the nation to provide high-quality music to people in distant and secluded areas on the travelling stage of the WING BODY TRUCK program.

    Thank you for your love and interest; please enjoy the essence of classical music through Symphony S.O.N.G as much you can.

    Chairperson of Symphony S.O.N.G Hyung-Joo, Moon