Artistic Director

    ShinIk Hahm, a revolutionary, creative artist who brings new energy to the Korean music world, has founded the Symphony S.O.N.G in August 2014, which consists of young passionate musicians. Purely privately-funded, Symphony S.O.N.G provides Korean citizens with fun, high-quality performances and serves the mission of sharing the joy for music.

    Maestro is not only putting his creative energy to work in Yale University and Symphony S.O.N.G, but also in orchestras of Europe and South America. Masestro Hahm has worked with: Robert Schumann Orchestra in Germany, Avignon Orchestra in France, Gwangzhou Sympohony, Shanghai Symphony, Uruguay National Opera, and Proto Allegre in Brazil, being internationally acknowledged for his artistry and leadership. These orchestras who have worked with Maestro have also immediately re-invited him for other concerts.

    Maestro was appointed as professor of Orchestral Conducting at the Yale University for 23 years (1995-2018). He was also appointed as the conductor of Daejeon Philharmonic Orchestra (2001-2006) and of KBS Symphony (2010-2012). In the United States, Maestro has served as the artistic director of Abilene Philharmonic and Tuscaloosa Symphony for 10 years each. Besides the orchestras listed above, he showed great leadership as the artistic director and breathed motivation and energy into the Green Bay Symphony and Milbrook Orchestra.

    The KBS Symphony concert in New York Carnegie Hall conducted by Shinik Hahm in 2010 October was praised by New York Times as "altogether respectable."

    The UK's The Financial Times praised Shinik Hahm and Dejeon Philharmonic's performance for having "definite dedication, passion, and great precision."

    The Seattle Times wrote, "The Orchestra was lively and emotional led by Shinik Hahm. The orchestra delivered warm and full sound with pure joy and wonderful tone" regarding Maestro's performance in Benaroya Hall, Seattle.

    The Basque News of Spain praised Shinik Hahm's performance with the Bilbao Orchestra, complimenting the "Beautiful, attractive tone; dramatic and sensitive performance."

    In the recent concert with the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra, the critics wrote, "The concert last night with the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra was unforgettable musical journey. Under Shinik Hahm's conducting, the orchestra touched the our hearts. He presented us a great concert with great leadership, conducting, and rehearsal technique. Maestro Hahm was outstanding in expressing music through his conducting and he has motivated the orchestra to make the best music."

    Maestro has also successfully conducted the European tour concert with the Philharmonia of the Nations, which is an orchestra sponsored by the EU consisting of young musicians from 40 different nations. The local media regarded the concert as, "Close to perfection", "Miraculous sound under Shinik Hahm's conducting", and "Passionate, meticulous and sensitive conducting".

    Maestro's successful concerts are continuing throughout the most prestigious concert halls around the world. Amsterdam, Avignon, Baltimore, Bangkok, Beijing, Besancon, Bilbao, Boston, Budapest, Chemnitz, Colorado, Detmold, Fort Worth, Geneva, Guangzhou, Herford, Hong Kong, Hartford, Houston, Los Angeles, Malaga, Memphis, Mexico City, Minden, New York, Omaha, Osaka, Philadelphia, Porto Alegre, Prague, Saint Petersburg, Seattle, Shenzhen, Seoul, Shanghai, Teplice, Tokyo, Toronto, Ulaanbaatar, Washington D.C, and Xalapa are all places Maestro has made an appearance as a guest conductor , establishing himself as a world renowned conductor.

    Shinik Hahm has a wide ranging repertoire and is adventurous when it comes to his selections. He is especially interested in contemporary composers, showing his passion to premiere their works.
    It would be a mistake to limit Shinik Hahm to just a conductor. In Korea, he is also active as a left wing, corner kick and free kick specialist at the East Seoul FC. It would not be too hard to find him in a nearby soccer field playing soccer with his fellow musicians.